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Land of the pi eaters....

Welcome to UMMF_on_LJ

Unofficial Murderous Maths Forum on LJ
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UMMF_on_LJ, wassat?:
This is the LJ extension of UMMF, the Unofficial Murderous Maths Forum aka the Unofficial Murderous Maths Discussion Board. This forum exists for fans of the murderous maths books, and maths in general to chat about maths, and everything else, with the notable exception of soybeans.

I [yayworthy, moddish person, bow down to my awesomeness, etc] created this community with the exact same purpose in mind; to bring together maths and MM fans on LJ. [Anyone with a recipe for Perfect Sausage is also welcome]. While we're on the subject of mods, please also bow down to the awesomeness of stephib, co-maintainer of this here ummf_on_lj (LJUMMF).

Rules and Such:
The rules are vastly similar to thousands of other communities here on LJ, nonetheless please take note and be aware if you break them, you have one warning and if you break them again after that, you're banned.
1. No mean or rude posts or comments.
2. Large posts / any images under a cut please.
3. No community pimpage unless I say so. [ask here.]

You can post about almost anything, even soybeans ;) - but pointless posts will be deleted.

Contact Teh Mods:
If you have any further questions, suggestions, ideas or whatever comment here, in yayworthy's journal.

You may also wish to contact stephib, you can do so on the email listed above.

Useful Links:
http://mmathsforum.proboards38.com - UMMF
http://murderousmaths.co.uk - Official MM Site
http://www.freewebs.com/manyhills - MM News Site
http://www.drowned-butterfly.net/math/ - maths fanlisting
http://www.drowned-butterfly.net/pi/ - pi fanlisting
http://fansofmm.proboards30.com - Fans of MM Forum
http://bubble80.proboards27.com - Dancing Pineapple Appreciation Society
http://bubble79.proboards28.com - Teen Science Forum
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